What you need to know as a novice programmer

Anyone can write codes for a computer to understand. But only good programmers write codes for both humans and computers to understand. If you really want to relate to this try to rewrite a legacy code.To my fellow programmers who don't follow conventions but try to do things in their own way;

Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos say posterity will judge you.

Don't call yourself a programmer you are a coder, because you are only joining characters with no best practices...

Don't download YouTube video tutorials to watch and then start coding as a professional career, you are not done yet because there is more to it than you think,  you will end up introducing bugs into your brain.

Pay for an online course taught by industry professionals from a reputable institution because they will help you debug unconventional pieces of stuff you learnt from YouTube.

Stop chasing side GIGS always and attend to real-world projects, because money is not all there is to it, be a good programmer and side GIGs will chase you.

Spend part of your time on open source projects, join meetup groups nearby or online communities even if you are a newbie because you will be playing with industry professionals. Like the old age adage says,  If you want to be a fish play by the river.

Stop been independent, because no one knows it all not even the top industry players. The guy sitting next to you knows something you don't so draw closer to him. 

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